Cyber Sentinel supports healthcare

Healthcare has often been behind other industries when it comes to leveraging the cloud. Healthcare systems tend to be impeded by legacy systems, fragmented IT, and cumbersome applications. The cloud is offers an opportunity to leverage technology to provide better patient care whilst not compromising security.

Secure cloud access

Our solutions provide a scalable, agile foundation to manage apps and protect highly sensitive patient data. We provide cloud identity which benefits both the end user and  IT departments.

Identity solutions for healthcare providers

Secure collaboration

Our solutions have a  flexible architecture which allows secure and efficient access to any apps shared across healthcare providers, without compromising user security.

Agility for mergers and acquisitions

Our solutions helps to avoid the cost of consolidating AD domains, so you can seamlessly transition any number of businesses to a common set of tools speedily.

Secure patient experience

Patients want to engage on their own terms.Whether you are a healthcare provide looking to unify a constellation of patient portals or trying to acquire customers online,  our solutions make web and mobile access secure and frictionless.

Healthcare specific features


Our solutions are designed to meet HIPAA requirements for service providers. This includes end to end encryption of data and dedicated hardware. We enable businesses to manage employee, vendor, and patient identities

Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication
  • simplifying secure access for employees, partners, and customers including One-time push, SMS and voice
  • Keep third party factors like Google Authenticator, Duo, Symantec VIP, RSA token, and Yubico.
Directory Integration

we offer efficient integration to existing directories as well as across untrusted domains.

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