Identity and Qualifications Verifications Integrated with your favourite HR and Recruitment solutions

Identity Sentinel - Identity & Qualifications Verification Prototype

Identity Sentinel verifies Identity and Academic Qualifications Immediately.

Identity Sentinel provides seamless integration with your Human Resource Management System or Application Tracking System to provide a document-less and automated Identity and Qualification verification service.

For Recruiters

Through the Identity Sentinel mobile application, recruitment candidates can provide their Identity and qualification verification without consent forms, emails and scanning.

  • Automated and mmediate qualifications screening
  • Enhanced candidate experience
  • Compliance with Protection of Personal Information Act
  • Academic Qualifications Wallet
  • Reduced Administrative costs
  • Integration with existing apps
  • Integration with HRMS and ATS
Job Hunters

With the Identity Sentinel application, job hunters can keep their identity and academic credentials on their mobile device.

  • Secure your private Information
  • Control who you give your information to
  • Get hired faster with immediate verifications
  • Never lose your qualification
  • No multiple consent forms

Make Identity and Qualifications verifications better for you

Securely adopt Identity Sentinel and automate Identity and Academic qualifications verifications through the most popular Human Resources Management Systems or Application Tracking Systems.

Get True Immediate Verifications with Identity Sentinel

Scale and flexibility for the world’s largest organizations and the world’s biggest ideas

More than 8,400 global brands our solutions. A modern platform allows top companies to focus on their world-changing work, knowing their identity and access management are in good hands.

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