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  • Access Management

    Purchase this 2 in 1 product to get advanced multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for a unified cheap price.

  • Backup & Recovery

    Automatically discover, protect, organise, and manage all your data and apps across clouds through a single interface. Consolidate your cloud and on‑prem reporting for a standardised approach to digital compliance and control.

  • Email Security

    Harmony Email & Collaboration detects and blocks the most advanced phishing and malware attacks across inbound, outbound and internal communications, in real-time, before they reach end users. Protecting your Office 365 and Gsuite users and their collaboration tools.

    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, analyzing over 300+ indicators of phishing and ingesting data from ThreatCloud AI, Check Point’s dynamically updated service based on an innovative global network of threat sensors, Harmony Email & Collaboration reduces phishing and malware reaching the inbox by 99.2%.

  • Endpoint Protection

    Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an advanced threat prevention solution for endpoints that uses a layered approach with multiple detection techniques delivered via a cloud-based endpoint management platform. This provides businesses with full attack chain protection against both known and unknown threats. Unified onto a single agent, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection reduces the complexity and costs often associated with deploying multiple individual solutions.

  • Network Perimeter Security

    Today, network firewalls must do more than just secure your network. They must also ensure you have uninterrupted network availability and robust access to cloud-hosted applications. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is a family of physical, virtual, and cloud-based appliances that protect and enhance your dispersed network infrastructure. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is the ideal security and connectivity solution for multi-site enterprises, managed service providers, and other organizations with complex, dispersed network infrastructures.

  • Security Awareness Training

    We have partnered with KnowBe4 to provide you with a platform to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. KnowBe4 is the world’s largest Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform with over tens of thousands of customers.

  • Vulnerability Management

    InsightVM leverages this platform for live vulnerability and endpoint analytics. Thousands of customers have been using this solution since June of 2016 when it was released in BETA as “Nexpose Now”.