Okta for ENGIE

6 months

To roll out office 365 globally


Employees using Okta to access applications from anywhere


Active directory domains consolidated to create one Global Address List for Office 365

Supporting ENGIE in leading the world to a sustainable future

Global transformation for a planetary challenge

ENGIE resolves to lead the transition to a more sustainable world. To align, the company moves from a hierarchical business model to one distributed across 24 geographies.

Hear ENGIE’s Deputy Group CIO Claude Pierre and Chief Infrastructure Officer Youssef Tahani detail how they connected 24 business units globally, while facilitating adaptation and innovation at the local level.


We have been able to deploy more than 120,000 users across 60 countries in less than six months. Our partnership with Okta was essential to get that done.

Claude Pierre, Deputy Group CIO, ENGIE Group


Distributed IT that works globally
A simpler M&A experience
A more inclusive enterprise
Secure access for remote employees
A strong internal foundation

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