Okta for MidSouth Bank


month to deployment


user adoption within two weeks

5-10 minutes

to complete employee off-boarding

MidSouth Bank Modernise

Their IT Systems with Okta

Charting a secure path to the cloud

MidSouth Bank was in the midst of rapid IT modernization when an audit revealed it wasn’t doing enough to secure its cloud applications. The company had to act quickly: like all banks, its business survival is built on trust and protecting customer data.


Okta is the most approachable identity platform I’ve ever come in contact with. It delivers everything it says, and it happens in a very easy and quick way.

Daniel Hereford, CIO and SVP of Technology for MidSouth Bank


Reduce complexity and operational costs
Fast and easy deployment supporting hybrid environments
Scalable, agile, and reliable systems
Robust security posture using a Zero Trust security model
Accelerate innovation and adoption of new cloud-based technologies

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