ROI on Okta Enterprise Edition Investment


Annually in IT savings and productivity benefits


Applications used by National Geographic

Helping National Geographic focus on education, rather than technology hurdles

Centralise. Manage. Secure

Okta helps National Geographic tackle the challenges of identity management. Allowing everyone to stay focused on science and education, rather than on technology hurdles.

National Geographic is realizing an ROI of more than 400%+ with Okta’s Enterprise Edition. The payback period on this investment was less than two months.


[blockquote author=”Dan Backer, Director of Campus Technology, National Geographic”]We put Okta in front of our applications and that then allowed a single user name and password from the desktop all the way into the application itself, which accelerated the usage of those apps.[/blockquote]

The Situation

Several years ago, National Geographic began the shift from on-prem software to cloud applications. Soon, the organization faced a classic username and password proliferation problem, further complicated by the fact that more than 60% of National Geographic employees were Mac users not bound to a Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Dan Backer, director of campus technology, realized that without a seamless and simple way to access enterprise applications, people would avoid them altogether. “Employees would go off and do a rogue IT scenario because it was simply easier for them to adopt it,” says Backer.

The Solution

More than 2,500 knowledge workers, content creators, task workers, corporate service workers, field workers, and remote contributors at National Geographic log in through Okta as they research, create, and produce stories that define and transform our world.

Okta has helped National Geographic create strong and enforceable identity policies, prevent rogue IT scenarios, and realise significant cost savings and productivity benefits. Now, people at all levels of the organisation can access a broad range of applications, whether or not those apps were originally designed to accommodate single-sign-on functionality.

The ROI of National Geographic’s Investment in Okta

Today, the National Geographic IT team spends a lot less time maintaining infrastructure. Okta has eliminated annual maintenance on the organization’s Google Apps connector, as an example. Now everyone at National Geographic has a single place to find and access more than 75 applications.

The flexibility to work anywhere, any time. When you’re on contract for National Geographic, “remote work” can mean hunkering down in an ice cave in Antarctica, or mapping ancient archeological settlements from a helicopter. Today, Okta Mobile helps researchers and producers ask questions and discover new worlds from wherever they are, with whatever device they have available.

National Geographic is realising an ROI of more than 400%+ with Okta’s Enterprise Edition. The payback period on this investment was less than two months.

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