At Cyber Sentinel, we understand the customer needs and have designed customer centric solutions and established partnerships to ensure that we provide the best possible long-term and forward-thinking solutions to ensure the sustainability of our client’s businesses.

We are solutions-driven. Our customer centric solutions are designed to:

  • reduce the risk of a data breach,
  • ensure audit and regulatory compliance
  • as well enhance the user experience.

In the event of non-compliance, we minimise the impact on our clients.

Consumer identity and access management

With the increased number of online business, businesses and consumers demand more privacy and yet the risk of IT security breaches is even higher; thereby putting pressure on businesses to reinforce their online security and data protection.

Cyber Sentinel provides data protection solutions to promote privacy and safe access to products and services for an improved customer and user experience; to allow access, anywhere, anytime and on any device, without the hassle and anxiety of exposure of personal identity. We provide advanced authentication including multifactor, biometrics and behavioural verification.

Enterprise identity and access management

Enterprise identity and access management

With the increased use of cloud computing, shadow IT and other disruptive technology trends, there is, more than ever, a need for increased cyber security. It has become even more important to control access to the organisation’s applications and data, particular duties and approvals in the business through access management controls. In turn, enterprise identity and access management are critical for improved organisational efficiencies through restricting access to those who don’t need it and granting it to those who do.

This includes:
  • Information Access
  • Access to information assets
  • Onboarding and exiting of employee access control
  • Operational access controls
  • Password management
Federation and single sign-on

Cyber Sentinel provides federation and single sign-on support for both consumers and organisations.

Single sign-on is the ability to sign in once for multiple services within a security domain, or across different security domains. Federation sign-on enables authorised users to sign in once and gain access to services across multiple security domains of the same organisation.

For Enterprise IAM, federation and single sign-on provide convenient and secure access for the workforce or third parties, controlled by a static set of business and security policies.

Consumer IAM requires federation and single sign-on to be more dynamic and provides support for social sign-on capabilities that use third-party identities used by online services such as Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.

Identity governance and administration

To control information access and ensure compliance with governance requirements, Cyber Sentinel provides identity governance and administration (IGA) support to organisations, aimed at bridging the gap between identity and access management and the business management function of the organisation.

Working together with our clients, we are able to determine which IT users to provide access to and which ones not to, in line with job roles and responsibilities.

Privileged access management

Privileged accounts are most at risk of internal and external attacks and reinforcing access controls in this area provides a good defence for data protection and security.

With each individual client, we explore ways to control access to privileged information in line with regulatory requirements and industry standards; allowing access to authorised personnel only. With regular audits and event logs, Cyber Sentinel is able to keep track of activities around privileged information.

Advanced authentication

To improve an organisation’s cyber posture, advanced authentication may be necessary. This in turn improves the overall performance and confidence in organisations. With advanced authentication, Cyber Sentinel seeks to help organisations reduce digital risk and, in turn, increase consumer confidence in the platforms they use.

By keeping ahead of the curve, we are able to determine digital identity risks timeously, and to identify attempts to get access to information. Through leveraging our research capability and an analysis algorithm, Cyber Sentinel is able to segment authentication methods through additional security features.

Whether you store data for 1 000 or 1 million users, investment in digital identity protection cannot be overstated.

Research shows that the probability of data breach in South Africa for any business is as high as 43%. So, why must you protect your digital identity?

  • To reduce the risk of data breach and minimise IT security breaches.
  • To protect clients from IT security breaches.
  • To reduce audit findings and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Audit Findings – ensure audit and regulatory compliance.
  • Enhance the user experience.
  • Improve systems processes.
  • Protect your businesses’ share price value and reputation and ensure its sustainability.

Partner Products

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  • Christian Nyakanyanga
    We are of the view that digital security has the potential to restrict and expand access and movement across spaces, to be inclusive and exclusive and security should be top of mind for any organisation, not for profit making or regulatory compliance alone, but for peace of mind.
    Christian Nyakanyanga
    CTO, Cyber Sentinel
  • 2017 Verizon data breach investigations report
    80% of breaches are the result of lost or stolen identity credentials.
    2017 Verizon data breach investigations report
  • 2018 Cost of a data breach study
    43% is the probability of a data breach in South Africa.
    2018 Cost of a data breach study
    Ponemon Institute for IBM Security
  • 2018 Cost of a data breach study
    R36.6 million is the average cost per data breach in 2018.
    2018 Cost of a data breach study
    Ponemon Institute for IBM Security.
  • 2017 Forrester IAM Report
    Research shows that 64% of consumers say they are unlikely to do business with a company where a data breach has occurred.
    2017 Forrester IAM Report