Modern Identity and Access Management

Building Trust Without Sacrificing Security

With the creation of the application economy, users have been given more choices for services than ever before, and they are overwhelmingly choosing experience as the differentiator.

For most, the primary challenge in embracing the app economy revolves around developing agile approaches to software delivery to meet customers’ expectations. However, rushing applications to market to stay competitive often comes at the expense of quality and security, and these defects can have a devastating impact on the business.

Can security improve without impacting user experience? Yes!

Leading organizations understand that breaches have become the norm in today’s connected world. With information everywhere and personalized experience driving the digital transformation, identity is critical. Identity is the foundation for trust.

But how do we establish this trust without burdening users? In this ebook we explore five critical questions that need to be addressed by any modern IAM solution:

1. How do I identify a legitimate user from a fraudulent one?
2. What confidence do I have that you are who you claim to be?
3. How do I make security frictionless while decreasing my exposure?
4. How do I efficiently manage identities and access entitlements?
5. How do I reign in privileged users and protect against insider threat?

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